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07 Feb Introduction to NPU-Related Applications On MSI AI Laptops
UCC 0 1399
MSI recently announced a range of laptops equipped with Core Ultra processors, with the most significant highlight being the integration of a new Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The NPU is designed specifically for AI-related tasks, offering high perfo..
14 Jan Transcend ESD370C Review: Desktop-grade Portable SSD drive
UCC 0 223
Transcend ESD370C Review: Desktop-grade Portable SSD driveHard drives are still being extracted from PCs and laptops by SSDs. We moved to the present format and portable accessories, which offered quick file access, small file size, and a useful work..
28 Dec A Complete Breakdown of Blazing Fast SPATIUM M570 PRO PCIe 5.0 SSD Highlights
UCC 1 290
IntroductionEach year, PC hardware gets faster, often by a considerable margin. When we went from HDDs to SSDs, the jump in speeds was massive and changed the responsiveness of PCs and operating systems running on them forever.Now, with the advent of..
24 Dec Acer PurifiedView and PurifiedVoice: Easy AI Webcam and Audio Adjustments with QuickPanel
In the fast-paced digital world, efficiency is key, especially when it comes to AI collaboration tools. With that in mind, Acer QuickPanel offers a quick and easy way to fine-tune your AI-assisted Acer PurifiedView camera and Acer PurifiedVoice micro..
21 Dec Defining the Blue Screen of Death: Causes and Solutions
UCC 3 2029
The blue screen of death, despite its common name, doesn't always indicate that your computer is about to fail. Even so, resolving the problem might still be frustrating, particularly if you're not experienced with troubleshooting. It doesn't matter ..
11 Dec MSI Immerse GH61 Review: Lucious and Immersive
UCC 1 300
The MSI Immerse GH61 may be one of the best gaming headsets for combining comfort and shameless bass. The ear cups boast baby-soft protein leather, while the drivers deliver distortion-free audio with booming bass worthy of my old dance club days. Th..
07 Dec What is Nano IPS?
UCC 6 1861
What is Nano IPS?While many people are broadly aware of IPS monitors and IPS technology in general, if you explore options for computer monitors, you may end up asking: what is Nano IPS? If this is the case, it also follows that you are likely wonder..
03 Dec What is Response Time for Monitors?
UCC 2 1713
What do they all mean by response time, frame rate, and refresh rate? It can be difficult to know what to look for in a monitor. Response time is one of the many features you should consider when looking into your unique monitor buying experience.Res..
02 Dec Blue Light and Its Impact on Eye Health
UCC 2 1679
The effects of blue light on our eyes have been gaining attention in recent years. As we spend more and more time in front of digital screens, smartphones, and tablets, we are exposed to increasingly high levels of blue light. But what exactly is blu..
20 Nov Finding The Right Portable Monitor for Laptop: What You Need to Know
UCC 2 1590
Finding The Right Portable Monitor for Laptop: What You Need to KnowIn a hybrid workplace where projects often extend beyond the confines of one’s office, having a portable monitor for your laptop can be a game-changer. Whether you’re a professional ..
21 Oct Screen Flicker and Its Impact on Eye Health
UCC 0 895
Screen Flicker and Its Impact on Eye HealthMost customary screens have a typical flashing pace of 200-300 times each second. A high glint rate builds security and causes the screen to show up less flickery, in this manner making it more straightforwa..
15 Oct What is Quantum Dot Technology?
UCC 1 305
Display technologies can be confusing and daunting at times, especially when the market is filled with buzzwords such as UHD, HDR, FPS, and LCD. Getting the right monitor for yourself means having to understand the different technologies and how they..
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