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UCC is The Authorized Distributor on D-Link in Bangladesh

As an authorized distributor of D-Link products in Bangladesh, we are a trusted and reliable source for high-quality networking and communication solutions. Our partnership with D-Link, a globally renowned brand, ensures that we provide our customers with genuine and cutting-edge technology. We offer a wide range of D-Link products, including routers, switches, IP cameras, and networking accessories, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in Bangladesh. With our extensive knowledge and technical expertise, we provide excellent pre-sales and post-sales support, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch service and assistance. Choose us as your go-to D-Link distributor for a seamless networking experience.

D-Link Router Price In BD

D-Link routers are renowned for their reliability, advanced features, and user-friendly design, making them a popular choice among consumers and businesses alike. D-Link, a leading networking equipment manufacturer, produces a diverse range of routers catering to various connectivity needs. One notable feature of D-Link routers is their robust wireless performance. Many models support the latest Wi-Fi standards, providing fast and stable connections for streaming, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities. The incorporation of multiple antennas and beamforming technology helps extend wireless coverage, ensuring a strong and consistent signal throughout a home or office. Security is a top priority for D-Link, and their routers often come equipped with advanced security features. This includes built-in firewalls, encryption protocols, and the capability to set up virtual private networks (VPNs), offering users a secure online experience and safeguarding against potential cyber threats. The user interface of D-Link routers is designed with simplicity in mind, facilitating easy setup and management. Many models support intuitive mobile apps, allowing users to monitor and control their network remotely. Additionally, D-Link routers frequently come with Quality of Service (QoS) settings, enabling users to prioritize specific devices or applications for a seamless and optimized networking experience.

D-Link Building Network for People

D-Link empowers you to build a reliable and efficient network for people, effortlessly connecting individuals and communities. Our cutting-edge networking solutions cater to your unique needs, ensuring seamless connectivity, security, and performance. From homes to businesses and beyond, we provide user-friendly technology that fosters productivity and connectivity. Create a network that bridges the digital divide, and enhance your world with D-Link's innovative products. Join us in building a network that connects people and empowers their digital lives. Discover the future of connectivity with D-Link.

D-Link Building Network for People in Bangladesh

Unlock the full potential of D-Link's cutting-edge network solutions! Whether it's D-Link Access Points for seamless connectivity, Wireless Routers for high-speed internet, Network Switches for robust network management, or Wireless USB Adapters for enhanced mobility, we've got you covered. Elevate your network experience with D-Link's reliable, user-friendly technology. Our Access Points ensure uninterrupted connections, while our Wireless Routers provide lightning-fast internet. Network Switches optimize performance, and Wireless USB Adapters grant you mobility without compromise. Discover a world of possibilities with D-Link's exceptional products, as we continue to build networks that prioritize people and their digital connectivity needs.

D-Link Access Point:

Enhance your network connectivity with D-Link Access Points. Designed for seamless integration, our access points provide robust Wi-Fi coverage for homes and businesses. Experience faster and more reliable wireless connections, thanks to D-Link's cutting-edge technology. Elevate your network performance with our Access Points.

Wireless Routers by D-Link:

D-Link's Wireless Routers are your gateway to a faster, more secure, and efficient network. Whether you're a home user or a business professional, our routers offer exceptional coverage and high-speed connectivity. Say goodbye to dead spots and lag with D-Link's reliable and easy-to-use wireless routers.

D-Link Network Switches:

D-Link Network Switches are the backbone of your network infrastructure. With advanced features and top-notch performance, D-Link switches ensure seamless data transfer and enhanced connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Trust D-Link to keep your network running smoothly.

D-Link Wireless USB Adapter:

Take your wireless connectivity to the next level with D-Link's Wireless USB Adapters. These compact devices offer easy plug-and-play installation, providing a faster and more stable wireless connection for your desktop or laptop. Enjoy the freedom of wireless networking without the hassle.

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D-Link Price list in BD 2024

D-Link Price in BD 2024. The price may vary depending on brand, specifications, and features. If you want to buy an original, branded D-Link from the UCC BD D-Link shop in BD. You can buy it now at the best price at UCC BD!
Product NamePrice
D-Link R15 AX1500 WIFI 6 Smart Router৳4,900
D-LINK DIR-650IN Wireless N300 Router৳1,790
D-Link R04 N300 Smart Router৳1,750
D-Link R03 N300 Smart Router৳1,200
D-LINK COVR-C1202 AC1200 Dual Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System৳3,900
D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter৳800
D-Link DGS-1008A 8 Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch৳2,590
Dlink DES-1008C 8 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Switch৳950