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Thermaltake Case Fan

Thermaltake Case Fan

Are you tired of your PC overheating and causing performance issues? Look no further than UCC.COM.BD for Thermaltake casing fans that will keep your PC cool and running smoothly. As a leading online computer store in Bangladesh, we offer a wide range of Thermaltake casing fans at affordable prices.Thermaltake is a trusted brand in the computer industry that offers high-quality and reliable products. Their casing fans are no exception. They are designed to provide superior cooling performance, low noise levels, and durability that cater to the needs of modern PC enthusiasts.

At UCC.COM.BD, we stock a variety of Thermaltake casing fans, so you can find one that meets your specific needs. From entry-level to premium models, we have something for everyone.Our Thermaltake casing fan collection features a wide range of designs, from sleek and simple to bold and edgy. They come in various sizes, including 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm, to cater to different case sizes.

What’s more, these casing fans are packed with features that make them stand out from other brands. They are equipped with advanced hydraulic bearings, anti-vibration pads, RGB lighting, and much more. You can also customize them with different colors and effects to match your PC’s aesthetics.One of the highlights of our Thermaltake casing fan collection is their affordable price range. We understand that getting a high-quality casing fan can be expensive, but we believe that everyone deserves to have the best. That’s why we offer competitive prices on our entire range of Thermaltake casing fans. You can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Type of Thermaltake Case Fan

When considering purchasing a Thermaltake case fan in Bangladesh, it's essential to understand the pricing factors. The price of Thermaltake case fans varies based on factors such as size, airflow capacity, bearing type, and additional features like RGB or ARGB lighting. Entry-level models may start from a few hundred Bangladeshi Taka, while premium models with advanced features can cost significantly more.

Thermaltake RGB Case Fan

Thermaltake RGB case fans are designed to add a vibrant touch to PC builds with customizable lighting effects. These fans feature RGB LEDs embedded in the fan blades or the fan frame, allowing users to personalize their setups with a spectrum of colors and lighting patterns to match their preferences and aesthetics.

Thermaltake ARGB Case Fan

Thermaltake ARGB case fans take lighting customization to the next level with addressable RGB LEDs. These fans offer individual control over each LED, enabling intricate lighting effects and synchronization with compatible motherboard software for seamless integration into RGB ecosystems.

Thermaltake 120mm Case Fan

Thermaltake 120mm case fans are popular choices for compact PC builds and radiators due to their balanced airflow and size-to-performance ratio. These fans provide efficient cooling for various components, including CPU coolers, graphics cards, and VRM heatsinks.

Thermaltake 140mm Case Fan

Thermaltake 140mm case fans are ideal for larger PC cases and setups requiring higher airflow capacity. With a larger diameter than 120mm fans, these fans can move more air at lower RPM, resulting in quieter operation and improved cooling performance.

Thermaltake LED Case Fan

Thermaltake LED case fans offer a combination of style and functionality, featuring illuminated fan blades or frames to enhance the visual appeal of PC builds. These fans come in various colors and lighting modes, allowing users to create eye-catching effects while maintaining efficient cooling.

Thermaltake TT Case Fan

Thermaltake TT case fans are engineered for maximum performance and reliability, featuring high-quality bearings, optimized fan blade designs, and anti-vibration mounting systems. These fans are designed to deliver consistent airflow and quiet operation, making them suitable for demanding applications and overclocked systems.

Thermaltake Performance Case Fan

Thermaltake performance case fans prioritize airflow and cooling efficiency, making them ideal for intensive gaming sessions and high-performance computing tasks. These fans feature advanced blade designs, optimized motor performance, and durable construction to ensure long-term reliability and superior cooling performance.

Discovering the Exceptional Features of Thermaltake Case Fan

  • Superior Cooling Performance: Thermaltake case fans are designed to deliver excellent cooling performance, ensuring your PC components stay at optimal temperatures even during intense gaming or heavy workloads.
  • High Airflow Design: Many Thermaltake fans are engineered with high airflow capabilities, effectively dissipating heat and improving overall system ventilation.
  • Low Noise Operation: Thermaltake focuses on reducing noise levels without compromising cooling efficiency, providing a quieter computing experience.
  • RGB Lighting Options: Some Thermaltake case fans come with customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to match your PC's aesthetics or create stunning lighting effects.
  • PWM Control: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control is often featured, enabling precise fan speed adjustment for efficient cooling management.
  • Anti-Vibration Design: These fans are equipped with anti-vibration pads to minimize vibrations and noise, ensuring a quieter and more stable operation.
  • Easy Installation: Thermaltake case fans are typically designed for easy installation, making it convenient to upgrade or replace existing fans.

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Best Thermaltake Case Fan Shop in Bangladesh From UCC

UCC is Bangladesh's largest retailer of PC, laptop, router, and monitor parts. Visit any of our branches to receive the greatest deals on the Thermaltake Case Fan of your choosing. We also provide our entire range of products and services through the UCC online store. Benefit from hassle-free EMI options by choosing from a variety of methods of payment.

We provide 24/7 online support services for your convenience. Here is where you can adjust the product prices. Furthermore, we address any issues you may have with the warranty as soon as possible. Our aim is to satisfy customers. You can inspect the product after we send it to you before making a payment. If there are any issues, you can return the goods to our delivery man or contact us at any time.

  • Wide Selection: offers an extensive range of Thermaltake case fans, ensuring you can find the perfect fan to suit your specific cooling requirements.
  • Genuine Products: is known for providing genuine Thermaltake products, offering peace of mind regarding product authenticity and quality.
  • Competitive Pricing: They offer competitive pricing on Thermaltake case fans, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  • Expert Advice: often provides expert advice and recommendations to help you choose the right case fan for your PC setup, ensuring optimal cooling performance.
  • Convenient Online Shopping: You can shop for Thermaltake case fans from the comfort of your home through's user-friendly online platform, saving you time and effort.
  • Secure Transactions: prioritizes the security of your online transactions, making sure your personal and payment information is protected.


1. Q: What size of Thermaltake case fan should I choose for my PC case?
A: The size of the Thermaltake case fan you should choose depends on your PC case. Common sizes are 120mm and 140mm, but it's essential to check your case's specifications to ensure compatibility. Larger fans generally provide better airflow, while smaller fans can fit in tighter spaces.
2. Q: Are Thermaltake case fans compatible with other brands of PC cases and cooling systems?
A: Yes, Thermaltake case fans are designed to be compatible with a wide range of PC cases and cooling setups. They typically use standard mounting points, making them versatile for various configurations.
3. Q: What is the difference between static pressure fans and airflow fans from Thermaltake?
A: Static pressure fans are designed to push air through obstacles, making them ideal for cooling components like radiators or heatsinks. Airflow fans, on the other hand, are optimized for moving air efficiently within a case. The choice depends on your specific cooling needs.
4. Q: Can I daisy-chain multiple Thermaltake case fans for a single power source and control them simultaneously?
A: Yes, many Thermaltake case fans come with daisy-chaining support, allowing you to connect multiple fans to a single power source and control them together. This simplifies cable management and control.
5. Q: Do Thermaltake case fans come with RGB lighting, and can I synchronize them with other RGB components?
A: Yes, several Thermaltake case fans feature customizable RGB lighting. You can often sync these fans with other Thermaltake RGB components or popular motherboard RGB ecosystems like ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, or Gigabyte RGB Fusion for coordinated lighting effects.
Thermaltake Case Fan
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