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Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam Black

 Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam Black
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Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam Black
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  • Brand: Transcend
  • Model: TS-DP250A-32G
  • SKU: TS-DP250A-32G
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Key Features:
  • 2.4" Color LCD Screen
  • Built-In LiPo Battery
  • Built-In G-Sensor
  • Safety Features with Emergency Recording
Product Details

Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam Black

Introducing the Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam in sleek black – your reliable companion on the road. This advanced dashcam is designed to capture your journey with utmost clarity and precision, ensuring you have a trustworthy eyewitness in case of unexpected events. Packed with cutting-edge features, the DrivePro 250 is a versatile device that offers safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Equipped with an f/2.0 aperture lens, the DrivePro 250 records vivid and detailed videos even in low-light conditions. The captured video quality is further enhanced by the H.264 compression and MP4 format, ensuring that your recordings are both high-quality and easy to manage. The built-in TFT LCD Display is 2.4 inches, offering a clear and convenient way to view your recordings, settings, and playback. With a Full HD 1080P resolution, every detail on the screen is crisp and vivid, providing a comprehensive view of the road ahead. The wide 140-degree viewing angle allows you to capture a broader perspective of your surroundings, reducing blind spots and ensuring you don't miss a thing. Thanks to the USB 2.0 interface, transferring and accessing your recordings is a breeze. The Dashcam is Wi-Fi enabled, utilizing 802.11n technology, which provides a seamless way to connect and transfer data wirelessly. This enables easy access to your recordings through your smartphone or other compatible devices. Operating within an input voltage range of 12V to 24V, the DrivePro 250 comes with a 5V/1A output voltage, ensuring stable and reliable performance while effectively utilizing power resources. Compact and sleek, the black Dashcam seamlessly blends into any vehicle's interior. Its dimensions of 70.2 x 63.1 x 34.5mm make it unobtrusive while still housing all the advanced features that set it apart. With a weight of just 78 grams, the Dashcam is lightweight yet durable, ensuring it doesn't become an unnecessary burden. The Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam also comes with an array of certifications including BSMI, CE, EAC, FCC, and RCM, which attest to its compliance with international quality and safety standards. Additionally, the product is backed by a 1-year warranty (excluding battery, charger, and accessories), reaffirming the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

 Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam Black Feature:

  • Dashcam Type: The Transcend DrivePro 250 is a dedicated dashcam, specially designed for in-car use to record your driving journey.
  • Video Capabilities: The dashcam records video in H.264 format, saved as MP4 files. This format offers a good balance between video quality and file size, ensuring efficient storage.
  • Aperture: The camera features an f/2.0 aperture, allowing it to capture clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions.
  • Storage Interface: The device uses a USB 2.0 interface for connecting to external storage devices, making it easy to transfer and access your recorded videos.
  • Display: Equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD display, the dashcam provides a convenient way to view real-time footage and playback recorded videos.
  • Resolution: The dashcam records in Full HD 1080P resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed video capture.
  • Viewing Angle: With a wide 140-degree viewing angle, the camera covers a broad area in front of your vehicle, capturing a comprehensive view of the road.
  • Operating Temperature: The dashcam is designed to operate within a specified temperature range, ensuring reliable performance even in varying weather conditions.
  • Power Supply: The device is certified by various standards (BSMI, CE, EAC, FCC, RCM) and operates with an input voltage range of 12V to 24V. It provides a stable output voltage of 5V/1A for efficient charging and operation.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: The dashcam supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect it wirelessly to compatible devices for easier data transfer and remote control.
  • Physical Features: The Transcend DrivePro 250 comes in a sleek black color, blending seamlessly with most car interiors. It has compact dimensions of 70.2 x 63.1 x 34.5mm and a lightweight build, making it unobtrusive within your vehicle.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty, covering any potential manufacturing defects. However, please note that the battery, charger, and accessories are not covered under this warranty.

In conclusion, the Transcend DrivePro 250 Dashcam is a cutting-edge device that offers top-notch video quality, smart connectivity, and convenient usability. Whether you're a daily commuter, a long-distance traveler, or just want an extra layer of security on the road, this dashcam is the ideal choice to capture every moment and ensure your safety.

Camera Specification
VideoH.264, MP4
Storage Specification
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Display Features
Display typeTFT LCD Display
Screen Size2.4 Inch
ResolutionFull HD 1080P
Viewing Angle140 degree
Memory Specification
Operating TemperatureOperating Temperature
Power Supply Specification
CertificationBSMI, CE, EAC, FCC, RCM, as per Manufacturer
VoltageInput Voltage 12V ~ 24V
Output Voltage 5V / 1A
Network & Wireless
Physical Specification
Dimensions (W x D x H)70.2 x 63.1 x 34.5mm
Weight 78 gm
Warranty Information
Warranty1 Year (No Warranty For Battery, Charger & Accessories)


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