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Thermal Grease / Paste

Get High-Quality Thermal Paste at Affordable Prices in Bangladesh - UCC.COM.BD

If you're looking for a way to improve the cooling performance of your PC, then you should consider using thermal paste. Thermal paste is an essential component that helps to transfer heat from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink or cooler. It's important to choose high-quality thermal paste that can efficiently conduct heat and improve the overall performance of your PC. At UCC.COM.BD, you can find a range of high-quality thermal paste from the renowned brand Thermaltake, at affordable prices.

Thermaltake is known for its top-quality computer components and accessories, and their thermal paste is no exception. The thermal paste is made using high-quality materials and is designed to provide efficient heat transfer. The paste is easy to apply and has excellent thermal conductivity, which means it can transfer heat quickly and efficiently.

At UCC.COM.BD, you can find a variety of thermal paste products from Thermaltake, including thermal grease and thermal compound. These products come in different sizes and packaging to suit your needs. They are also available at affordable prices, so you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality thermal paste without breaking the bank.

One of the best things about shopping at UCC.COM.BD is the convenience of online shopping. You can browse their website, select the products you need, and place an order from the comfort of your home. UCC.COM.BD offers fast and reliable delivery, so you can receive your products in no time.

In addition to thermal paste, UCC.COM.BD also offers a range of other computer components and accessories, including laptop coolers, laptop bags, and laptop chargers, from some of the top brands in the market. They have a user-friendly website that allows you to easily browse and shop for the products you need.

In conclusion, if you want to improve the cooling performance of your PC, UCC.COM.BD is the place to go. They offer a range of high-quality thermal paste products from Thermaltake, at affordable prices, along with other computer components and accessories. Head over to their website, place your order, and enjoy the benefits of efficient heat transfer and improved PC performance.

Thermal Grease / Paste Price list in BD 2024

Thermal Grease / Paste Price in BD 2024. The price may vary depending on brand, specifications, and features. If you want to buy an original, branded Thermal Grease / Paste from the UCC BD Thermal Grease / Paste shop in BD. You can buy it now at the best price at UCC BD!
Product NamePrice
Thermaltake TG-50 Thermal Paste / Grease৳1,000
Thermaltake TG-5 Thermal Paste / Grease৳1,200
Thermaltake TG-60 Premium Liquid Metal Thermal Paste৳1,300
Thermaltake TG-30 Thermal Paste / Grease৳950