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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 09-September-2020

1. Why are there a limited number of Brands available on this Site?

UCC is the authorized national distributor for the brands such as ACER, AMD, ACTi, MSI, ZOTAC, Transcend, Seagate, GeIL, Sapphire, D-Link, ViewSonic, CP Plus, Fitbit, Thermaltake, i2V and PROMISE only. Hence, all our products have the best market retail pricing, top quality, and full official warranty support.

2. Can I place an order on Cash on Delivery (COD)?

No, you cannot place any orders on COD. All orders are accepted in prepayment basis. You can pay through online banking (debit/credit card), mobile banking and more. Please check our Payment Partners page [here].

3. Is return policy applicable on this Site?

No, return policy is not completely applicable on this Site. You may return a product ‘unopened & intact’ and considered in a saleable condition within the first ten (10) days of your order delivery. Since our products are all same in nature, color and other variations as found in brand website, reviews and other sources, there is no return policy applicable with reasons such as ‘Change of Mind, Size & Color Issue, etc.’

4. What if there is a stock out issue while the payment is already made?

In such cases, UCC will refund the money back to its customer within the general SLA of the refund process. UCC may also offer alternatives where an upgrade is suggested which may cost a little more and if the customer agrees to pay the additional amount as balance. The additional amount as balance which a customer has agreed to pay will always be a discounted value upon pricing.

5. How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

Any orders inside Dhaka will take 48 hours to be delivered at your doorsteps. Orders from outside Dhaka will take around 72 hours to 96 hours. Delivery timeline will not be the same if order is placed after, during and/or before any public holidays of Bangladesh.

6. What shall I do if a product arrives broken/damaged during delivery?

UCC will never send a product without proper quality checking the product first. As price is paid in advanced by the customer, UCC will ensure the quality of the product by unsealing it first. Hence, damage item will not be delivered from the UCC stores. During receiving the delivery, please check product before taking the handover from the courier services. If product is found damaged while taking handover from the courier services, please keep proper proof in Video, Images and a written signed document of acceptance. In such cases, UCC will send replacement for the order (if stock is available) or provide refund upon customers’ request if case is proved to be a courier service fault.

7. How can I reach the Customer Support for UCC & UCC Brand Support?

For reaching us, please call +880 961 020 2020 anytime between 10AM – 07PM except Fridays. You will be guided through the automatic guidance system.

8. How can I avail warranty? I did not find any invoices or I have lost the invoices to the products that I have purchased.

For availing warranty all you need is to keep the product + product box + product serial key number sticker intact and readable. With all these, please reach the nearest UCC branch located. If there is no UCC branch located near you, please call us at +880 961 020 2020.

9. What is UCC Care?

UCC Care is dedicated service center through which UCC provides all sort of warranties & servicing facilities to our valued loyal customers. A customer needs to contact UCC Care for requesting any warranty and/or replacement requests.

10. Does UCC has its own delivery services?

No, UCC does not have its own delivery services. UCC partners with third party logistics companies’/courier services of Bangladesh for ensuring delivery of the product.

11. What are the warranty, replacement and return/refund policies of UCC?

For the warranty, replacement and return/refund policies, please click [here].

12. Where is UCC located? Where can I find the UCC Care/Warranty & Service Center of UCC? Where are other branches of UCC located?

For locating us, please click on the store locator or [here].

13. I did not get the free promo item along the product. What can I do now?

Firstly, please check the product description if ‘free promo item’ is mentioned properly. All promo items are provided for a specific time period like 7 days, 14 days or 30 days or based upon the specific campaign period. If product is purchased within the time period mentioned of the offer, then a free item can be sent again via courier. In this case, customer will bear the courier/shipping charges. If product is purchased when no ‘promo offer’ was valid, then customer will not be able to claim the free-item/promo-item such as Free T-Shirt, Wallet, etc. and will not be able to return product for the sole purpose of it.

14. I need help to build my PC. How can I build my PC on this Site?

To access PC Builder, please click [here].

15. Is there EMI available on this website/Site?

Yes, EMI is available for specific products in a specific price range. Please contact us through LIVE CHAT to know more.

16. I would like to partnership with UCC for Reseller/Dealer/E-Commerce Retailer/Marketing Ambassador or Affiliates. Who do I contact?

In order to reach us for partnership, please email us at [email protected].