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DDR5 RAM Price in BD

DDR5 RAM, or Double Data Rate 5 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, is the latest generation of computer memory technology. It succeeds DDR4 RAM and brings improvements in speed, efficiency, and capacity.

Key features of DDR5 RAM include:

  1. Increased Bandwidth: DDR5 RAM offers higher data transfer rates compared to DDR4, allowing for faster communication between the memory and the CPU.
  2. Improved Efficiency: It operates at lower voltage, providing better power efficiency, which is beneficial for overall system power consumption.
  3. Higher Capacities: DDR5 RAM is expected to support higher memory capacities per module, enabling systems to have access to more memory.
  4. On-Die ECC (Error Correction Code): DDR5 introduces on-die ECC, which helps in identifying and rectifying errors more efficiently.
  5. Improved Signal Integrity: DDR5 RAM also brings improvements in signal integrity, allowing for more reliability in high-speed data transfer.

This newer memory technology is designed to cater to the demands of modern computing applications that require faster data processing, such as high-end gaming, content creation, artificial intelligence, and more.

Please note that adoption of DDR5 RAM might require a compatible motherboard and processor, as it's not backward compatible with DDR4 slots. As of my last update, DDR5 RAM was just starting to enter the market, so its availability might have increased since then. Always ensure compatibility and check the latest developments in hardware before making any upgrades or purchases.

Why is DDR5 RAM Needed?

The evolution of next-generation applications and workflows has led to increased complexity in enhancing customer experiences. To address the surging demands on computing capabilities, CPU manufacturers have augmented core counts. However, this rise in core numbers has resulted in a decline in DDR4 RAM bandwidth per CPU core, reaching a bottleneck for upcoming CPUs. This limitation can lead to noticeable lags, hampering overall performance and productivity. DDR5 RAM technology surpasses these constraints, providing users with substantial bandwidth per CPU core that was previously attainable only through high-performance (overclocked) memory. To fully unlock their potential, next-gen CPUs necessitate the integration of cutting-edge DDR5 RAM.

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DDR5 RAM Price list in BD 2024

DDR5 RAM Price in BD 2024. The price may vary depending on brand, specifications, and features. If you want to buy an original, branded DDR5 RAM from the UCC BD DDR5 RAM shop in BD. You can buy it now at the best price at UCC BD!
Product NamePrice
Transcend 8GB JM DDR5 4800 U-DIMM Desktop RAM৳3,800
Transcend 16GB JM DDR5 4800 U-DIMM Desktop RAM৳6,200
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE D5 RGB DDR5 Memory 5600MT/s 16GB Desktop Ram৳7,500
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB D5 DDR5 Memory 5600MT/s 16GB Desktop RAM৳8,500
Transcend 16GB JM DDR5 5600 U-DIMM Desktop RAM৳6,800