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Warranty, Return & Refund

Return Policy

This Return Policy is only applicable for products that are listed on the website (collectively, referred to as the “Site”), as “Sold and Shipped by UCC”.

Overall Return & Refund Guidelines

These are UCC’s Overall Return Guidelines. All returns must meet the overall guidelines in order to enjoy the return policy set by UCC. Wherever Return is applicable, a customer will enjoy full warranty support and/or replacement. Please read the Refund Policy below.

• All product return requests require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

• An individual customer can request an RMA number by using the following;

  • Email at and describe your issue and collect the RMA number from your designated UCC Care Support Lead’s email response. Please provide all necessary information such as Order Number, Order Date, Customer Name, Customer Contact Information, Product Name, Product Serial Number (S/N Number), Description of Issue with supporting documents, and images.

*Call between 10 am to 7 pm

Return Policy will be considered invalid and rejected for the following reasons

  • Not an UCC authorized product and does not have UCC sticker attached to the product and/or package body.

  • Product/Orders that is Return Initiated and submitted to UCC Care under the reason of Dead on Arrival (DoA) and/or Dead on Purchase (DoP) but upon inspection found in a working state including power on and power off condition.

  • Any product with a missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number label, manufacturer model or part number label, and/or warranty label.

  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product.

  • Any product that exhibits physical damage induced by user (UID) upon inspection by UCC Care. If a customer received a damaged product upon receiving the product during shipping, then this is would not be considered a return but a Dispute.

  • Any product which appears tampered, customized or altered in any way and resembles different to the original state of condition during purchase.

  • Any product that is returned with markings or writing made by the customer on the original box.

  • No replacements will be initiated and accepted if product packaging is not intact or unsealed. Replacements will be accepted within Three (3) working days inside Dhaka and Five (5) working days outside Dhaka from the date of purchase/order.

Replacement Return Policy

An order or product ordered from this Site is only applicable for a Replacement if the following conditions are met

• UCC Care has successfully accepted the Return Request and declared Replacement for the said product.

• If the product arrived damaged upon shipment at Customers’ Correct Lawful Address (i.e. improper addresses without or missing flat/apartment no. or holding no. and/or delivery route is not a safe route, that is, road under construction or filled with obstacles, etc. will result invalidating replacement policy)

Dead on Arrival and/or Dead on Purchase (DoA & DoP) Policy

UCC will provide total replacement of the product/order if product is Dead on Arrival and/or Dead on Purchase and UCC Care is informed on spot from the time of receiving the goods from the shipping provider. Failure to do so may invalidate this clause and if upon inspection is found otherwise compared to customers’ claim.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy is only applicable if the following conditions are met –

• If product is not received within 30 working days from order creation date. (Note – Orders prior to public holidays and/or EID holidays will be counted from the date of resuming of offices after holidays)

• If Credit Card Fraud is detected by any one of the parties and a formal complaint/request is escalated to UCC authorities via e-mail and product is sealed and intact (if the product has been dispatched for delivery). If the product state is found unsealed and opened, then Refund Policy will not be applicable.

Warranty Clause & Policies

Products are eligible for full warranty support if the following conditions are met;

• Product Display Page has a warranty mentioned on our Site.

• Product warranty life is within the warranty period from the date of purchase from the Site.

• Product with Life Time Warranty is only valid up to the date of manufacturing of that product by the manufacturer. If product line up is discontinued, then warranty period can no longer be life-time and continued.

• Product has no User Induced Damage (UID)

• Product is free from damage caused by fire, water, shock, hammering, incautious usage, and any other physical external damage caused by avoiding ‘product usage guidelines’ mentioned in the product booklet.

• Fungus or rust on mainboards, graphics cards, and RAMs will void the warranty for the particular part or device.

• Upon inspection if found that GPUs (Graphics Card) has been used for Data Mining or Bitcoin Mining and/or related to any unconventional usages of the Graphics Card, warranty will be void.

• A monitor or display with one to three dots are ineligible for warranty claims. A customer can claim warranty if there are four or more dots.

• The warranty will not be valid for mainboards (motherboards) and processors with one or more partially or completely damaged pin. This indicates the user/customer tried to self/external repair from outside parties rather than from UCC Care.

• In case of damages to mouse or keyboard purchased as Combo, the whole package with other accessories must be presented while claiming warranty. One cannot claim warranty for the keyboard or the mouse separately.

• Under Warranty Policy, UCC Care will first attempt to ‘repair’ the product in-house and if it is not feasible under company resources then UCC Care will take assistance from the Brand itself or else full-replacement will be provided to the customer.

• In case of product unavailability of the warranty claimed product, UCC under the issue escalation from UCC Care will provide equivalent product of the same brand or different brand to the customer.

• In case of unavailability of the equivalent product, UCC authority will provide replacement with an upgraded model or better specification product belonging to the same brand or different brand to its customer.

• If warranty/servicing or replacement is not feasible for UCC authorities due to any cost constraints (i.e. providing upgrade is costlier) then a total refund will be applicable.

• UCC, UCC Care and all departments correlated to this Site will not be held responsible for any loss of data or software during the servicing period. Same policy applies in case of any loss of data or software at the hand of the user. In this case, UCC will not be responsible for restoring or re-installing any data or software.

• Warranty will not be valid if the customer opens and tries to open the product on his/her own.

• Warranty will not be valid if the customer breaks the seal of the product.

• If the serial/sticker of the product is partially or completely removed or damaged, warranty will be considered void.

• A specific timeframe for product collection from UCC Care is not easier to commit as there may require parts/components that needs to be imported from overseas and it can take up to 45 working days for UCC to only get the part(s)/component(s) in hand.

• Services such as system setup or operating system customization, during or after sale, does not fall under warranty policy but the services are complimentary only for customers purchasing from this Site with residing address inside Dhaka, Khulna & Chittagong.

• UCC will bill charges in consent with the customer(s) if such services do not fall under warranty services.

• Service Warranty and Parts Warranty are two different subjects to discuss. In service warranty, customers will bear the charges of the parts/components required. In parts warranty, customer will not have to pay for the parts and services required to complete warranty process.

• Customer(s) will bear the transportation cost or shipping cost if products need to be sent to UCC Care for enjoying service related issues.

• The warranty does not cover any damage to cables provided with a product regardless of a valid product warranty.

• After expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period, UCC will not be liable for any problems, new or old, detected by the user through observation or through benchmarking software.

• For any feedback, query or complaint please write to us at .